Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Red Car Property: Owner's No Trespassing Signs Not Deterring Squatters

Photo: Red Car Property Neighbor, July 11, 2017.  Neighbors are increasingly frustrated with the month-old campsite on the Red Car Property, near Rose Scharlin Nursery School.  The squatters go to great lengths to hide their camp with dry brush colored umbrella and dry bamboo screening.  They drive in and out of the property in a white 4-door car.  

Neighbors report cigarette butts strewn around perimeter of the camp as well.  With the rash of fires in Elysian Park in the past two weeks, is there any wonder why neighbors are nervous.  These squatters appear to be the same couple removed from the Red Car Property by the owner several years ago. They were also associated with an ongoing problem at, or around, the squatter camp in a house on Riverside Drive that backed into the Red Car Property.

The Red Car Property owner needs to take responsibility for this nuisance.  While there may be a trespass order on file with the LAPD, the property owner has to call the overworked LAPD while the squatters are present and wait for LAPD to arrive to remove them.  Or the property owner can take their own steps to remove the squatters, keeping in mind that could be a potentially dangerous thing to do without LAPD present.

Send your concerns questions and complaints regarding the Red Car Property to  Be sure to include your name, street address and phone number.  If you see fire or smoke rising from this site, or are physically threatened by these squatters, call 911 immediately and be prepared to give dispatch directions to the site from Riverside Drive to India Street (east of the Red Car Property) and south toward Rose Scharlin.