Wednesday, April 22, 2015

SR-2 Freeway: Active Raptor Nest At Rosebud Ave, Semi Tropic Spiritualists' Tract

*UPDATE at end of post
Photo: Diane Edwardson, April 21, 2015, 5:34 PM.  Late yesterday, I witnessed a large Red Tailed Hawk appear to feed her chicks in the well-documented nest, high above Allesandro St and Rosebud Ave on the SR-2 Northbound Parkway.  (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Yesterday, CalTrans sent out a press release, they would be starting night work on the northbound sound walls between Oak Glen and Rosebud, Thursday, April 23, 2015.  CalTrans stays up to 1000' from raptor nests.  So we've sent this post to their public affairs manager for the SR-2 Terminus Project, Peter Jones, as well as State and local electeds.
Photo: Diane Edwardson, April 22, 2015, 1:40PM. This afternoon, I happened to look out the window and notice the adult Red Tail was feeding chicks again.  I shot photos for about 10 minutes.  

Ordinarily, I would wait to run better photos.  With construction starting tomorrow, it was better to run these today, Earth Day.  
Photo: Diane Edwardson, April 22, 2015, 1:41 PM.  I've seen a couple of white blobs periodically while she's feeding them, but no definitive head count yet.  It usually takes a few days before we see them all.  Lighting and wind conditions have not been ideal for my sad little camera.

*UPDATE 6:15 PM: Peter Jones, CalTrans Public Affairs Manager for the SR-2 Terminus Project, called to say CalTrans would be complying with all State and Federal statutes with regard to migratory and nesting birds.  They are aware of this nesting site and have forwarded the information to the biologist assigned to the project.  The biologist will monitor and make recommendations.  

Read more about CalTrans policy on nesting birds: CalTrans District 7 Blog