Friday, November 1, 2013

2 Freeway: CalTrans Says They'll Be Locking This Gate Soon

Photo: Diane Edwardson, September 27, 2013.  Back in September someone cut the lock on the fence to the Southbound 2 Freeway parkway on Corralitas Drive just north of the Rosebud Ave overpass.  It's still open today.  (Click on photos to enlarge.) 

It happens so frequently, you can see someone once used barbed wire to fix the fence. Longtime neighbors will tell of gates & gaps in the fence being open for months or even years; their requests to CalTrans maintenance, ignored.  It's particularly hard to understand since we're a stone's throw from the maintenance yard at the 2 & 5 Freeway.
Photo: Diane Edwardson, September 27, 2013.  Either someone stole the standpipe just inside the fence to sell for scrap or CalTrans is doing repairs and left the fence open.  Both are distinct possibilities because Caltrans routinely leaves the fences open in our neighborhood. 
Photo: Diane Edwardson, September 27, 2013.  So I took photos & sent them along with the previous description of possibilities along to Patrick Chandler, the CalTrans public relations guy for  the area.  He said he'd pass it along to the maintenance supervisor for the area.  Usually when Chandler does so, the fence gets locked  or fixed immediately

Two weeks later the fence was still open and no repairs made, so I repeated my request.  Chandler repeated his reply.  It's now November 1 and the gate is still open and the standpipe is still missing. 
Photo: Diane Edwardson, September 10, 2013.  I'm not sure how long the gate was open, but I know that it was locked on September 10, as I was documenting the dead trees along the 2 Freeway parkway on Corralitas Drive.  I definitely would have noticed the gate being open that day. 

While writing this post, I came across the CalTrans Maintenance phone number for this region: (661)771-5465.  I called, spoke to Anita.  She said they'd definitely get someone out there to lock the gate within the next few days.