Monday, November 4, 2013

Lake View Ave Neighbors: Don't Dump Your Crap On The Red Car Property

Photo: Red Car Property Neighbor, October 31, 2013.  Workers renovating a house on Lake View Ave were tossing their debris downslope onto the Red Car Property last month.  There were 2 bins there most of the month.  (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Last week, the bin was hauled away, but they left a whole lot of debris on the hillside.  The neighbor who submitted the above photo, went by the house and found no workers there.   If you're going to dump your stuff over your fence don't leave it there it only attracts more dumping. 

Photo: Diane Edwardson, October 4, 2013.  The first bin was overflowing as of early October & hit by graffiti vandals.  The contractors apparently never seemed to notice the tagging as it was never painted over.  A few weeks later a second trailer was added, & they still allowed the crap to overflow & tags to remain. 

It is the homeowner's responsibility to paint over graffiti on your property within 24 hours.  If you are unable to do it yourself, you can try the City's 311 service, but don't expect they'll find the Red Car Property.  We've had trouble getting them out there. (Tip: it works best if you submit a photo either to 311 online or on the 311 app, do not rely on calling 311 and expecting the operator to understand the complex instructions to get to the Red Car Property.)

Coming Tuesday: More dumping by neighbors.