Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rosebud Ave. from Corralitas Drive

Photo: Kleven, 1960. (Click on photos to enlarge.) Several homes at the bottom of Rosebud Ave. were lost to freeway construction and realignment of Sunflower Ave. The house in the grove of trees on the Corralitas side of Allesandro Ave. was likely on Rosebud where it now runs under the 2 Freeway. (That home site will appear again tomorrow.) The house on the far top left side of Rosebud Ave. also appears in the photo below.

Photo: Diane Edwardson, 2008. Today, it's tough to match the same photo because the freeway retaining walls take up most of the frame. Climbing the Corralitas Staircase will give a better perspective on Rosebud Ave. in the Semi Tropic Spiritualists' Tract.

Photo: Edwardson, 2008. Or, you can stand in just the right spot on the corner of Corralitas Dr. and Rosebud Ave. and see two more of the restored original homes on Rosebud Ave.

We're reviewing the photographic history of our neighborhood surrounding the 2 Freeway, in anticipation of the EIR for the 2 Freeway Terminus Project.