Friday, October 10, 2008

Holyland Exhibition: Neighbors Since 1924

Photo: Futterer, Holyland Exhibition, 1924. Lake View Ave. was a dirt road and the neighborhood; rural. All photos courtesy Holyland Exhibition. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

1931: Sidewalks but no paved roads.

1934: The building grows; still no paved road.

Pre-WWII: Offered Palestine Tours.

Post-WWII: Israel Tours

Antonio F. Futterer founded the Holyand Bible Knowledge Society in 1924. It is a non-profit, interdenominational organization. Futterer's descendants still offer tours of the Holyland Exhibition today. Futterer's photographs of the neighborhood in addition to the Holyland building (at the corner of Lake View Ave. and Allesandro Way) chronicle change since 1923.

Futterer is the author of "Eye-Ographic" bible study. After years of research in the "Bible Lands," he realized the Bible and its lands are inseparable. The Exhibition incorporates the history of the Holy Lands in their visual method of bible study with photographs, art and artifacts.

The Exhibition also kept current with the changing times in the Middle East: offering "Palestine Tours" prior to World War II and "Israel Tours" after World War II. (See photos above.)

To this day, the Holyland Exhibition has a meticulously tended garden featuring native plant species of the Holy Lands. Photos, above, illustrate how large their front yard was prior to the loss of all but 6 feet to eminent domain for freeway construction.