Thursday, July 20, 2017

Red Car Property: Squatters' Camp Today

Photo: Red Car Property Neighbor, July 20, 2017.  Early this morning, the tent is gone, but the camp, still there.  It first appeared behind homes on Riverside Place and behind Rose Scharlin Co-op Nursery School more than a month ago.  

Since it first appeared, neighbors have been calling the police asking them to enforce the trespass order.  Unfortunately, the squatters never seem to be home when the LAPD drops by.  Silver Lake LAPD Senior Lead Officer Lenny Davis spoke to the property owner's son regarding removing the camp earlier this week.  CD13 notified the property owner of the camp last month.  It is the property owner's responsibility.  But then, it's also the property owner's responsibility to do brush clearance by May 1, every year.

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