Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Red Car Canyon: Dumping Picked Up

Photo: Red Car Neighbor #1, February 13, 2016.  Saturday morning, neighbors snapped photos as a crew picked up the dumping that was hidden among the jade plants since November.  There were a lot of broken windows hidden in the bushes that were not removed a few weeks ago in a partial clean up of the property.
Photo: Red Car Neighbor #2.  Emails and texts came in with photos.  Neighbors couldn't believe the piles of were finally being removed. 
Photo: Red Car Neighbor #1, February 13, 2015.  It's kind of sad we get SO excited when the dumping finally gets removed. People forget the Red Car Property is a really nice place to walk when there aren't piles of trash and dumping everywhere.

Dumping would not be such a problem if all except emergency vehicle traffic were blocked from driving onto the Red Car Property.
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