Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rosebud Ave: FOUND! Brown Couch

Photo: Gary Vlahakis May 28, 2015.  If your brown velvet couch is missing, you might want to check under the  2 Freeway, on Rosebud Ave near the corner of Corralitas Drive.  It turned up there, late Wednesday.  (Click on photos to enlarge.)

It looks like the couch was a much beloved member of the family who cannot survive alone on the street.  Please come retrieve your couch.
Photo: Diane Edwardson, May 29, 2015.  Domestic couches, like this one, lack the necessary equipment to survive the streets of Silver Lake on their own.  If you're thinking of setting your couch free to a feral existence, and you're actually driving into our neighborhood to abandon it on the street, and it's in good condition, consider donating it to Out of The Closet, Goodwill or St Vincent de Paul thrift stores.  

If that's just too much trouble, don't even load it into your truck.  Leave it on your curb and request a FREE bulky item pick up from the City.  (Yes, they pick up outside apartment buildings too.)  They pick up the same day as your trash pick up, but you have to make the request first.  Call 311 - or even easier - make an online request:

*Update 6-3-15: Couch picked up by the City after at least 3 neighbors reported it via the 311 service either by app or online.