Friday, December 19, 2014

Some Neighborhood Wildlife Definitely Found Us Today

Today's post is from Red Car Property neighbor, Russell Bates.
Photo: Russell Bates, December 18, 2014.  (Click on photos to enlarge.)

We often let our chickens out of their pen to run around and forage; they seem to have a great time and always act very proud of themselves. We knew it was a risk, because we often hear the hawk screeches all along the Red Car property. But we decided to live dangerously.

Well today, our (or Patsy's, really) luck ran out. I heard the chickens making a big ruckus and went outside to see what was going on. As I got to the coop a big startled hawk flew off gracefully, leaving carnage behind. I guess I should be glad the hawk decided to stop and eat instead of going on a long killing spree.
Photo: Russell Bates, December 18, 2014.  The culprit appears to be a very large Red Tailed Hawk.
Photo: Russell Bates, December 18, 2014. 
The hawk hung around for a while in a tree across the street, hoping I'd leave the buffet out. No such luck.

So, fellow neighborhood poultry keepers, be forewarned. The hawks enjoy finding something that REALLY tastes like chicken.