Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Red Car Property: At Least 5 Vehicles Towed From Lot C This Morning *Updated

Photos: Red Car Property Neighbor October 1, 2014.  Word came from a neighbor that at least 5 vehicles were towed from the Red Car Property north of India this morning.  (Click on photos to enlarge.) 
The neighbor spoke to an LAPD officer on site who said they were towing vehicles with expired registration.  

Perhaps the property owner was compelled to start cleaning up the property since the he had to come out to the property last week to clear a new homeless encampment a few hundred feet north of where all these derelict vehicles have been parked for years.

*10-18-20 UPDATE: After speaking with several residents who's trucks were towed, as well as LAPD Senior Lead Officer Lenny Davis, it appears someone called in these trucks as having expired registration on a public street.  Even more interesting: it is not a public street, it's private property, and only the private property owner can call to have vehicles towed from private property.  LA Dept of Parking Enforcement should know that.  Maybe if this map was still up in the window they would not have towed trucks away. (They gave that truck's owner a day or so to get out - no one else appeared to get notice.)  

The Red Car Property continues to be a lawless place.