Tuesday, May 13, 2014

LAFD Declares Red Flag Day, 8 AM Today

Parking is even more limited than usual on Red Flag Days on certain Red Car Neighborhood streets.  If you live on a designated street, we strongly advise neighbors to sign up for the Red Flag alerts on the LAFD's website

Just be sure you read the emails LAFD sends carefully because their subject lines are deceptive.  It easy to see why neighbors have been misled when the subject line of an email coming in at 5pm says "RED FLAG PARKING RESTRICTIONS LIFTED."  But if you don't open the body of the email or read it carefully, you might not see that the Red Flag Parking Restrictions are still in effect until 8AM the next day.  Neighbors have been towed or ticketed thinking the alert has been called off when in fact it still has 12 hours, or more, before the alert is actually cancelled.

LAFD declares a Red Flag Day for designated Hillside streets when winds are dry, high & moisture content in plants is low. 

And it's a reminder that you should get your brush clearance done ASAP too! 

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