Saturday, January 4, 2014

Red Car Canyon: 2013 Hangover, Critter Cam! Stuff You Missed Last Year

Photos: © Miguel Ordeñana, some rights reserved Los Angeles County Natural Museum camera trap, May 2013.  Coyote.  (Click on photos to enlarge.)

For a week last May, Wildlife on the Red Car Property was documented with a remote critter camera on the LA Nature MapOrdeñana is a field biologist & lead gallery interpreter at the LA County Natural History Museum.
Jonathan Vandiveer, Red Car Property neighbor & blog contributor, commented (when I sent him the link last summer), "The timestamp on the coyote photo indicates I'd just jogged through the canyon.  I never saw him.  The close angle and expression on his face is one you'd only get with a remote camera."    
Striped Skunk


Virginia Opossum

Eastern Fox Squirrel

Domestic Cat.  From the size of his neck, I'd say it's an intact male.

Stuff you missed last year: we shoot & collect tons of photos.  So we try to wrap up the year with some interesting ones we never got a chance to run.