Tuesday, January 7, 2014

India St: New Year's Armed Robbery Report, Cautionary Tale

Over the weekend, I noticed a robbery show up on the CrimeMapping.com report (LAPD contractors) in the 2200 block of India St (the west or Lake View Ave side of the Red Car Property). 

Aware that rumors can quickly spiral out of control, I immediately sent an email to Silver Lake LAPD Senior Lead Officer Lenny Davis, asking for clarification, copying the neighborhood watch leaders in the Red Car Property Neighborhood.  Email was already circulating that there was a "new" gang in the neighborhood.   

Officer Davis responded Monday:

On Jan 1st, 2014 at 11:05 PM the victim went out to look for his dog that had escaped from his property.  When he approached the two suspects that were sitting in their vehicle at the 2200 block of India, the suspects exited their vehicle and pointed a  handgun at the victim and took his property.  The suspects fled the area but returned and were captured as they exited the Ralphs on Glendale.  The victim was not injured.
Both suspects are documented Frogtown gang members.  There is no new gang in the area that we are aware of.
I hope this helps.

Senior Lead Officer Lenny Davis 26028

LAPD Northeast
The incident illustrates the danger of approaching suspicious vehicles and/or persons in the neighborhood.  (All the more distressing since the victim was just looking for his lost dog.)
LAPD warns people to NOT approach or confront suspicious people, but to call the police.  If the are engaging in criminal activity call 911 immediately.  (LAPD non-emergency phone is 1-877-ASk-LAPD.)
The incident also raises new questions, since our neighborhood is not within the gang injunction boundaries.   Will individuals arrested who violate the gang injunction here, face the same penalties if they violate the gang injunction within the boundaries?  Does being outside the gang injunction boundaries make our neighborhood a more attractive place for them to congregate since we are literally a few hundred feet from the boundary?

Editor's note: We apologize for not getting this post up yesterday, we were experiencing technical difficulties.