Sunday, July 14, 2013

Riverside Dr, Fletcher Dr, Allesandro St, Glendale Blvd: Expect Gridlock & Attempts At Cut-Through Traffic On All Our Neighborhood Streets

Photo: Diane Edwardson, July 13, 2013. During Saturday's tanker fire road closures, despite clearly marked "Not A Through Street Signs" (like this one at Rosebud Ave at Allesandro Street), countless drivers attempted to cut through, only to find themselves on the winding hillside street of Corralitas Drive, from which there is no easy turn around.(Click on photos to enlarge.)

CalTrans announced Freeway closures will continue through at least Tuesday.  Read more: The Eastsider
Photo: Diane Edwardson, July 13, 2013.  Traffic mayhem ensues when drivers attempt to make u-turns, left turns & right turns, all at once, each hoping they'll find a way through on our hillside streets, like the photo above (which is looking across Allesandro Street to the other side of Rosebud). It too is not a through street but it lacks a sign.  (Not that the signs actually stopped many drivers.)  

While we chatted on the street, a neighbor & I yelled at drivers to stop & turn around before driving up the hill.  That mostly worked. She turned her hose on a few cars too.  That got their attention. 

Neighbors on Silver Ridge & Lake View report drivers speeding through their streets attempting to cut through the neighborhood Saturday.
Photo: Diane Edwardson, July 13, 2013.  The intersection of the 2 & 5 Freeways is like a roller coaster maze of ramps, seen here from the Semi Tropic Spiritualists' Tract.  

Saturday, I emailed a list of suggestions to City Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell of where to place City traffic officers & barricades (restricting local traffic only on side streets) through our corridor.  I know he also met with all of the involved agencies and leaders from Elysian Valley Sunday.  Let's hope traffic control was one of the topics on the agenda.  Monday sounds like a good day to call in sick.

At least there are no Dodgers home games until July 25th!