Saturday, October 27, 2012

2 Freeway: CalTrans Working In The Dark, Making Lots Of Noise, What Are They Hiding?

Photo: Corralitas Drive Neighbor, October 26, 2012, 11:23 PM.  From around 11PM to 6 AM this morning, CalTrans kept Corralitas Drive neighbors awake with lots of noise but no visible signs of work on the southbound 2 Freeway, directly below homes on Corralitas Drive.(Clicking on photo will not improve image quality).
Last night's work might have involved more sandblasting, but it sounded more like scraping of the freeway with large noisy equipment.  Who could tell?  They were working mostly in the dark with nowhere near the level of lighting as the other night.  According to one neighbor, they seemed to be just going in circles making lots of noise. 
Perhaps they were working in the dark because the AQMD questioned CalTrans about the sandblasting work being done without the use of proper dust control measures, let alone being done in the high wind conditions. 
The AQMD inspector who contacted me in response to my on-line complaint, said neighbors should contact 1-800-CUT-SMOG if they see could of dust rising from the work on the adjacent 2 & 5 Freeways.  Be sure to call as it's happening (24/7 hotline) and leave a detailed message if you don't get a human being.
According to the AQMD inspector, Patrick Chandler in the CalTrans Public Affairs office 213-897-3630 wants to hear your complaints about ongoing work on the adjacent freeways too.  But I would also file a formal complaint with CalTrans online to create an e-paper trail.