Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Semi Tropic Spiritualists' Tract: Who Needs The Animal Planet? Best Hawk Video Yet

Video: Gary Vlahakis, May 12, 2012.  It's been really amazing to watch the behavior of the nesting Red Tails.  (Best viewed in full screen HD.) 

At the beginning of this clip, one of the babies jumps up with anticipation as what we believe is the female lands in the nest with a big rodent.  She proceeds to feed all 4 chicks, but the largest chick must have eaten earlier since it is not fighting for more. 

The smallest chick bites off more than he can chew at around 7:30 min.  Gary said it was the first time he's seen an adult allow a chick to feed itself. 

For the past few days, every time the one of the adults has prey, you hear them calling before they come to the nest.  It appears they do this so the babies learn the meal call.  They've been calling a lot lately.  The other day, another neighbor watched one of the adults catch a lizard near his house.  This year, with 4 chicks in the nest, I'm guessing no potential prey is too small.  In fact, they seem to have exhausted the squirrel population in my backyard already.  (Maybe we'll actually have fruit ripen on the trees this year!)

Special thanks go to Gary Vlahakis for combing through hours of video to share the best and most interesting clips with us. 

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