Saturday, April 21, 2012

Glendale Blvd: DWP's Piles Of Dirt*

Photo: Jerome Courshon, April 19, 2012.  It seems like everything on the northeast end of Silver Lake is under construction these days.  The DWP has moved their LA River Bypass tunneling onto another part of Glendale Blvd this week.  (Click on photo to enlarge.)

The DWP has failed to keep their contractors covering piles of loose dirt as prescribed by the EIR for the control of particulate matter or "fugitive dust."  I drove by earlier this week; saw traffic cops in face masks, looking miserable, while they directed traffic in the middle of sandblasting and contractors cutting the asphalt without any water at all. 

Read Courshon's take on the DWP's project: Echo Park Patch

Neighbors in the Waverly, Locksley, Rowena, Glendale Blvd corridor are organizing to coordinate efforts to deal with DWP and various construction sites (Monte Sano, the Coffee Table site, etc). **

*UPDATE 4-26-12: Read more on the detours and disruption on The Eastsider. 
** 2015: Contact info removed by request.