Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Silver Lake Ralph's Supermarket: Neighbors Should Be Concerned

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For more than 20 years I've heard complaints from neighbors to the east of the Ralph's shopping center about crime and graffiti associated with the site.  Now comes word via The Eastsider, Ralph's may be renovating the market.  Longtime tenants of the shopping center have had their leases terminated. 

I've also heard rumors of underground parking (heard that one on & off for the past 10 years) and condos on top of the market.  Height, traffic, blight and crime are issues the neighborhood to the east of the site are concerned with, even if nothing were to happen to change the footprint of the site. 

(If you zoom in on the satellite photo on the larger map, you can see the speed humps added to Silver Lake Blvd to slow traffic speeding through shortcuts to get around the traffic on Glendale Blvd south of Fletcher.)

We hope the City Council office (at the moment, CD13's Eric Garcetti) and the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council take note that this neighborhood needs to be actively engaged in any discussion for "improvements" to the Ralph's site on Glendale Blvd.