Thursday, May 12, 2011

LA River: Red Car Trolleys Crossed Wildlands

Photo: Unknown Photographer, circa 1904-1906 (when the Glendale Line first opened).  (Click on photo to enlarge.)

Last week, Red Car Historian Paul Ayers shared photos of our neighborhood from his archives with me.  I asked if he'd ever seen the LA River bridge photo from around 1904, shot at grade from Monte Sano, where nothing but chaparral surrounds the Red Car bridge, with Griffith Park in the background. I'd seen this photo about 10 years ago, but had not seen it since.  Ayers almost immediately sent me this photo. 

It is one of my favorite shots of the Glendale Line, and I can't believe the LA River advocates don't use this shot constantly. 

The Red Car Trolley Glendale Line crossed the LA River at what's now the Hyperion Bridge.  It looks like the trolley bridge came well before the motor vehicle bridge seen in yesterday's post.

1927 LA River Flood 
Photo: Unknown Photographer, 1927.  The 1927 LA River flood washed out a number of bridges, including this one, which appears to be the auto bridge at Glendale Blvd, as seen from the Atwater side.  The Red Car Trolley bridge is on the left.   (Click on photo to enlarge.) 

I had never seen this photo before, so it was indeed a bonus from Ayers.  Again, we'd like to thank Red Car Historian Paul Ayers for sharing archives with us.  He's got a lot more photos than the ones we published this week. 

If you want to see more, attend the Glendale Historical Society sponsored "Ride the Red Cars to Glendale" 7PM, tonight at the Glendale Public Library.