Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Allesandro & Loma Vista: Lost Dog

$ REWARD - LOST 8 MONTH OLD DOG: Bernice is a sweet, shy border collie/ terrier mix, recently rescued, and new to the Silverlake area (Allesandro at Loma Vista). She was last seen at 11 am on May 26th in front of the Woof Dog Boutique on Glendale Blvd in Atwater Village. She was headed north towards Glendale. She will likely not come to you, but if you see her, please call Amanda 24/7 at 323.459.0840 or email to hughesab42@gmail.com. She is wearing a bright yellow collar with pictures of snoopy; she is not yet microchipped but was just spayed and has visible stitches. Please keep your eyes open for her! Thanks! 

Editor's note: This morning, I saw a post on The Eastsider for a found puppy that looked a lot like Bernice.  Since I'd seen the above poster all over the Red Car Neighborhood, I contacted Amanda.  Sadly, it was not Bernice.  Copy from the lost dog poster is reprinted with Amanda's permission.