Thursday, June 17, 2010

Public Staircases: Clean Them Up

Photo: Diane Edwardson, May 29, 2010. The Silver Lake Ave. Public Staircase suffers from a patchwork of paint and weeds. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

In our neighborhood, the most open, visible and highly used public staircases are the most neglected. The Silver Lake Ave. and Corralitas Public Staircases are in the worst condition. Yesterday, we learned there is no money for structural repairs or lighting of public staircases.

Mitch O'Farrell, Senior Advisor, Special Projects in City Council District 13, talks about what neighbors can do to clean up public staircases,

"In the 13th District, we have always organized clean ups and graffiti removal at our public staircases. Most recently in Echo Park at Lucretia and Grafton a few weeks ago, organized by Senior Field Deputy Alejandra Marroquin and Senior Case Worker Sally Martinez. You will often see the LA Conservation Corps' Clean and Green sweeping steps and trimming vegetation. We also encourage residents to pitch in where ever they can. The office of Community Beautification will assist with tools for any clean up, whether it be on a public staircase or on a public parkway. To organize one for your neighborhood, just call Jerry Valido (213) 978-0223. I used to do this in my own neighborhood before joining the Council Office many years ago."

Photo: Diane Edwardson, April 29, 2010. The Corralitas Public Staircase primarily needs weed abatement. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

Look at other neighborhoods' public staircase photos from last weekend's Big Parade on LAist. We should be ashamed that our most visible public staircases are in such sad shape. Neighbors who do try to clean up these staircases, from painting over graffiti to pulling weeds, find it takes effort. Just one person's work is not enough.

The Corralitas and Silver Lake Ave. Public Staircases are in the most need of a clean up. If you would like to help organize and, or participate in a clean up of either staircase, send me, Diane, an email: Let's work together to clean up these well used public resources.