Friday, June 6, 2008

Corralitas Wildlife Update

Since the dry brush was cleared a few weeks ago, the Corralitas fox has gone into hiding. Although it appears she is still coming and going from the same area where she used to nap at the edge of the green brush. There have been fox sightings late at night by three different neighbors on the street near the top of the hill and near the first hairpin turn on the way up Corralitas.

The hummingbird who raised a chick successfully off our driveway in April is back in the same nest with three eggs this time around.

There have been no sightings this year of the albino skunk who used to frequent the area around the first hairpin turn. He was a big skunk; very pale grey with white stripes.

For the past few weeks, a young red tail hawk has been hanging out near the decks of the log cabins, learning to fly and waiting for the parents to bring him rats. On windy afternoons you can see the hawk will flying between the eucalyptus trees on Corralitas to the 2 Freeway and Semi Tropic Spiritualists' Tract. Crows and mockingbirds have been harassing the young hawk.