Friday, May 2, 2008

Corralitas Fox Update

Photos, left: Diane Edwardson, right: Gary Vlahakis, both taken May 1, 2008.
(Click on photos to enlarge)

The Corralitas fox is a creature of habit. We've watched the fox napping daily in the early morning and late afternoon into evening at the mouth of what appears to be a den on the lot below 2636 Corralitas Drive. When I shot the photo above left, I thought the fox might be dead. However, through binoculars I observed the fox having running dreams just like a dog - with all 4 feet running. A few minutes later the fox shifted positions and Gary caught the photo above right.

According to the Los Angeles Animal Services website, grey foxes are common to the foothills of Los Angeles. Considering our proximity to Griffith and Elysian Parks as well as the Los Angeles River, it's not too surprising that fox still survive in an older urban hillside neighborhood.

What is surprising is how often the fox is lounging around in the open. Perhaps the fox feels safe living out in the open because the neighbor with 4 big dogs and Mojo the cat, sold her house more than a year ago. Mojo hunted the hillside daily for mice, rats and gophers. The fox just moved into Mojo's niche in the food chain. We're hoping for a litter of little foxes soon.