Monday, July 10, 2017

Riverside Place: Neighbors Defending Their Own Driveways From Short Term Rental Parking

Photo: Red Car Property Neighbor, July 2, 2017.  Neighbors put up no parking signs to deter party-goers and tourists from parking in their driveway.  (Click on photo to enlarge.)  

Neighbors on Riverside Place are fed up with a single family home recently sold and turned into a short term rental home (like Air B&B).  Neighbors report short term rental tenants are  there usually only for a few days at a time.  They also complain about large parties at least once a month at the home.  

Riverside Place is a substandard Hillside Street that narrows to a width of about 14'.  There is no City Standard turn-around nor cul-de-sac, nor are there sidewalks.  The southernmost portion of the street is owned by the surrounding neighbors with a public pedestrian easement to the Red Car Property.  Neighbors have limited street parking and things get chaotic when there is a party at the short term rental house.  Even just guests at the house bring parking problems as they are unaware of what is and is not a driveway on the street, often parking in neighbors' driveways.

City Council's Planning & Land Use (PLUM) Committee is supposed to hear fro the public again sometime in July or August.  Click here for City Council File 14-1635-S2.