Monday, May 29, 2017

Corralitas Red Car Property: Lawless Place

Video: Corralitas Neighbor, May 23, 2017.  Suspecting potential illegal dumping of an uncovered load of dirt, a neighbor followed a large dump truck from Rosebud to the Corralitas Red Car Property.  When the driver saw the neighbor filming him, he turned around and sped off.

Corralitas Neighbor's video shows so much in about a minute's time, I'm just going to make a list...

1. Brush clearance hasn't happened yet.  The deadline was May 1, every year.  
2. Nothing restricts vehicle traffic from driving onto the Red Car Property, further increasing the risk of fire.
3. Dry weeds are taller and more dense than a year ago.
4.  The Red Car Property includes the slope up to the power lines
5. One homeowner appears to have cleared brush downslope, well beyond their property line.  After last year's Silver Lake Fire, who could blame them?
6. Primarily, protected native trees on the slope (in the first half of the video) are recovering from the Silver Lake Fire.  (The trees did not burn in the fire, but were "cooked.")
7. Some homeowners on Lake View Ave have not done brush clearance on their own property. 
8.  CalTrans cut down a lot of trees, including some that kept cars from flying off the southbound lanes of the 2 Freeway.  The wall of green will not return in our lifetimes.
9. CalTrans repaired the 50' long guard rail after a car did fly off the 2 Freeway and landed on Corralitas Drive.  However, CalTrans failed to place K-rails or other such safety barriers along the unprotected downslope parkway between the southbound lanes of the 2 Freeway and Corralitas Drive, a residential street.
10. For erosion control, CalTrans planted some shrubbery after they clear-cut the 2 Freeway slope
11. This portion of Corralitas Drive no longer has shade, sound or air pollution protection the wall of trees afforded. 
12. Corralitas Drive is not a City Standard Street.  
13. City and CalTrans truck drivers ignore the "No Parking Anytime" signs, napping and lunching under the 2 Freeway on Rosebud Ave, as they always have.
14.  The homeless guy still has a camp on Rosebud near the corner of Corralitas.
15.  Corralitas neighbors are so fed up with dumping, they are willing to follow potential dumpers to bust them.
16. While the dump truck was equipped properly, they failed to cover the open load of dirt as required by City and State rules.