Monday, September 26, 2016

Red Car Property: Brush Clearance Around New Fence

Photo: Red Car Property Neighbor #1, September 24, 2016.  The first photos of the day showed workers clearing brush from slope between Adelbert and  the new fence on the Red Car Property.  (Click on photos to enlarge.)

It's almost October and the brush clearance is just getting done now?  Brush clearance should have been done on the Red Car Property May 1, just like the rest of the Hillside area.  Even the fire further south on the property in June did not prompt the Red Car Property owner to get the brush clearance done on the rest of the property.
Photo: Red Car Property Neighbor #1. September, 24. 2016.  Brush clearance is always miserable for neighbors because of the fugitive dust.  This "dust" carries not only bacteria, but also mold spores that can cause serious bronchial and upper respiratory infections.
Photo: Red Car Property Neighbor #1, September 24, 2018. When the fugitive dust turns into a dust storm, it's not healthy for anyone. 
Red Car Property Neighbor #2, September 24, 2016. Friday, I spoke to the architect for the Riverside Drive lots (the property line is about 20 to 30 feet below this large Coast Live Oak Tree).  He said they fenced-in the slope above the Riverside Lots so they could plant it.
Photo: Red Car Property Neighbor #2. Since so many trees have been removed in the past 2 years, neighbors watched closely when they were cutting branches from a large protected California Black Walnut and Coast Live Oak.

Rumors swirled around the neighborhood and Next Door that they were "cutting the oak tree."  According to neighbors and their photos, it just looks like branches were trimmed.  Lets hope safe horticulture was practiced so they didn't spread the disease/fungus/pests that have been killing many species of trees throughout the neighborhood.

Once again, Red Car Property Neighbors are on top of things as they happen, even if I've not been on top of the blog lately.  However, as soon as the first brush clearance photos came in, they were posted to our Twitter feed: @RedCarProperty

When we are able to verify the Riverside Drive Lots developer's statements regarding the fence with the Red Car Property owner,  we'll bring you the info here.