Thursday, July 7, 2016

Red Car Canyon: Not A Park, Despite Silver Lake Fire, It Still Looks Like One

Photo: Diane Edwardson, June 20, 2016. I'm back from hiatus and will be reviewing before/after photos of the June 19, 2016 Silver Lake Fire in our neighborhood. LAFD along with LA County Fire Dept and Glendale Fire Dept. stopped the fire before it could reach homes on either side of canyon.  It could not have been done without many water drops from helicopters and wildland fire crews armed with shovels and chainsaws (who seemed to be everywhere that day).

Before the depressing fire and neglected brush clearance photos hit, I wanted to remind everyone of how lucky we are to have a trail to walk in our own backyard.  

Responsible urban forest management and brush clearance are so important to not just to protect your own property, but to the safety of the entire hillside neighborhood.  I really want to apologize for not posting my usual round of brush clearance photos throughout May and June.  Due to a variety of circumstances I was unable to post to the blog.  However, I was Tweeting throughout the past two months, particularly after an incident with a film crew on May 17, 2016.  

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