Saturday, May 7, 2016

Corralitas Drive: Where Wildlife Comes To Your Door In Broad Daylight

Photo: Corralitas Neighbor, May 7, 2016.  A neighbor was shocked that her cat just watched from the doorstep as the little white opossum strolled by late this morning.  The cat usually screams bloody murder from behind closed doors when opossum walk by the windows after dark. He has a special and unexplained hatred of opossum, but not today.

This is not the first photo the neighbor has sent of the opossum strolling through the yard in the daytime.  It's the best one.  I'm starting to think the white opossum walk around more in the daytime than night.  I've often seen dark opossum on the street and yard at night.  The little white opossum, often comes by with a much larger white opossum friend.   Of course, the neighbor's other cat, a semi-feral, neutered male cat who is not allowed in the house, tends to hang out with a raccoon, a skunk and probably opossum too.

Do not feed your pets outside.  If you must, pick up the bowls as soon as they finish.  Do not attempt to feed or pet wildlife.  No matter how accustomed wild animals are to humans, they are not pets.  Broken and open trashcans attract wildlife.   Replace your trashcans for free on the City's website (now you have to register an account to use the online request services) or call 311.

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If you live near the Red Car Property, send us your wildlife encounters (backyard, street or on the Red Car Property):  Please send photos as .jpg attachments, preferably along with a wide shot of the same location.  Include your name, location of, and brief account of the encounter.