Friday, April 1, 2016

Red Car Property: High Surf Warning

April Fool's Post 2016

Photo: Diane Edwardson.  Early this morning, neighbors were alarmed to find a Killer Whale beached on the Red Car Property's Lot C.  Sea World was called to rescue the Orca but officials are not confident the whale would survive the road trip to San Diego. 

Some residents speculated the whale must have been an escapee from the mayor's planned Orca Park in the Elysian Valley Aquatic Preservation Zone, which includes Taylor Yard, in the soon to be revitalized LA River.  (Conditional Use Permits have not been issued for the Orca Park, as environmentalists are suing to block the salination of the LA River.)  The mayor has championed the Exotic Endangered Species Breeding and Preservation Overlay Zone (EESBPOZ) which would include Griffith & Elysian Parks, the river, all unbuilt hillside parcels between the parks and K-zoned parcels (horsekeeping parcels) in Atwater. 

The more likely scenario is the Orca is a member of a resident Southern California pod of Killer Whales that got caught in last night's high surf.  Why would anyone outside the actual coast take last night's high surf warning issued by the National Weather Service seriously?  The Red Car Property is a few hundred feet from the 5 Freeway and a couple of hundred feet above sea level. 
Disclaimer, the preceding portion of this post should not be taken as anything more than April Foolishness.  However... 

Actual High Surf Warning Map issued by the NWS on March 7, 2016.  This map has not been edited nor doctored. 

For months, whenever the NWS issued a High Surf Warning, the associated map showed the green warning area extending all the way to the 5 Freeway.  East of the 5 is the LA River. Maybe they need a new color for Urban Flood Advisory or LA River Flood Advisory does anyone more than a mile inland consider themselves as on the coast?
Enlarged from the previous map.  If the high surf reaches the Red Car Property or the 5 Freeway in Silver Lake, we're all in a lot of trouble.