Monday, April 25, 2016

Corralitas Drive: This Morning's Police Activity

Photo: Corralitas Neighbor, April 25, 2016.  Before 6AM, a Corralitas Neighbor out for a morning run was stopped by CHP at the Corralitas end of the Red Car Property.  When the first photos came in, officers were investigating an abandoned car on the SB 2 Freeway, and searching the dense foliage on the side of the freeway and Corralitas Drive.  CHP was looking for a suspect, and not letting the neighbor pass on foot. 

Video sent before 6AM showed officers with flashlights, traffic halted on the 2 Freeway.  It was surreal video as there were no sounds of traffic, just birds and crickets chirping.  Subsequent video shot a few minutes later, you can hear a helicopter arrived and CHP continued the search.  Twenty minutes later they let the opened up Corralitas to foot and vehicle traffic.   

The Eastsider, reported CHP was looking for an armed suspect near the 2 Freeway  Terminus.