Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Corralitas Drive: Mystery No Parking Signs

Photos: Corralitas Neighbors, April 12, 2016, 12:50 PM.  This morning, temporary No Parking signs showed up on Corralitas Drive for the entire hill between Rosebud and the top of the hill.  The signs gave no indication of the dates for the temporary no parking.
Many neighbors called, texted and emailed me about the signs that showed up sometime between 9AM and noon today.
Signs were on both sides of the street.  Several neighbors contacted City Dept of Transportation (DOT), but they closed at 1PM today.  (Seriously, the Dodgers really take over the City on Opening Day.)
One neighbor learned via 311, the dates for the no parking zone are April 14 through May 12 - for the entire hill between Rosebud and the top of Corralitas.  The 311 operator did not know who pulled the permits.

We've asked CD13 to look into consolidating and expediting the work, which has happened in the past.  Corralitas Drive is a substandard Hillside Street with only one means of vehicle access: RosebudCorralitas was last resurfaced in 2014.

There are elderly and disabled neighbors unable to walk the hill.  There are also several homes without off-street parking parking at all, in addition to totally inadequate off street parking for  the number of people who live on Corralitas Drive.  Neighbors are rightfully annoyed that we don't even know exactly what the work is supposed to be, since no notice has been given to anyone on the hill.  

We don't know if they'll be restricting access for everyone, or just people who park on the street.  We will update here and more immediately on our Twitter feed: @RedCarProperty. Send us your photos of the potential mayhem: RedCarProperty@gmail.com.