Saturday, January 9, 2016

Rose Scharlin Co-Op Nursey School: Neighbors Given Admissions Priority

Letta Venegas, Rose Scharlin community liaison, wrote in an email, "Families that live within walking distance will be assigned the first visit/interview slots for 2016/17 school year and be given admissions priority."

We're still awaiting a public hearing for their Conditional Use Permit from City Planning. In the meantime, per neighbors' request, the school is making an effort to recruit more neighbors who can walk their kids to school. Neighbors genuinely want Rose Scharlin to be a neighborhood nursery school once again.

If you're a neighbor looking for a nursery school, consider the benefits of getting some exercise walking or biking your kid to school in your own neighborhood, versus sitting in a car and fighting traffic on another street on a road diet to get to a school in another part of town. Driving to the other side of Silver Lake is not a quick trip anymore.