Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Red Car Property: Looking For That Pot Of Gold? Better Wear Mud Boots. Preliminary Rainfall Totals

Photo: Jonathan Vandiveer, January 6, 2016.  This afternoon, Vandiveer was heading out but had to stop and run up the Silver Lake Ave Public Staircase to the Red Car Property to shoot the full double rainbow, ending north of India Street on the Red Car Property.  (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Don't drive on the Red Car Property - you're likely to get stuck in the mud.
Photo: Jonathan Vandiveer, January 6, 2016.  The other end of the rainbow appears to be in Debs Park.

We're tracking rainfall totals in the Corralitas rain gauge...

Tues, January 5, 2016: 2.9"
Wed, January 6, 2016: 0.6" as of 1PM.  At 5PM, the neighbor with the rain gauge reports, "Dogs & cats are falling from the sky...loudly.  Very loudly."

We also suspect the 1PM reading is not right, since she didn't want to go outside at the time to read the gauge.  We'll update the totals when possible.

Send us your rain related photos from the Red Car Property neighborhood:  During this El Niño rainy season, we'll likely get updates on Twitter faster than the blog.  Follow us on Twitter @RedCarProperty