Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Red Car Property: 2 White Cars Abandoned Behind Homes On Corralitas

Photos: Corralitas Neighbor, August 11, 2015, 6:55 AM.  While out for an early walk this morning, a neighbor found two cars parked in a suspicous place hidden into the hillside behind homes on Corralitas Drive, on the Red Car Property.  Neither car was parked there yesterday morning. 
The Buick, a 4-door white sedan's CA license plate is 4COA887. 
The Subaru, a 4-door white sedan's CA plate is 5UMC525.

Photos with this information were sent to the Red Car Property owner's rep, LAPD Senior Lead Officers Lenny Davis and Gina Chovan, CD13 and nearby neighbors. 

Since this is private property, if the cars are not reported stolen, only the property owner can have them towed.   Since the property is not gated to vehicle traffic as it was some 25 years ago, it periodically becomes a dumping ground for stolen and abandoned vehicles.  The neighbors at these 2 homes are not parking their cars on the property. 

In the meantime the Mercedes SUV abandoned on the Red Car Property south of India, Memorial Day Weekend is still there. The Red Car Property remains a lawless place.

*UPDATE Aug 13, 2015: Cars gone.