Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Corralitas Drive: Lose Your Late 1960s Buick Special?

Photo: Diane Edwardson, July 10, 2015.  Someone abandoned a late 1960s-era Buick Special (CA plates: 7KVC368) in the Corralitas Drive cul-de-sac at the Red Car Property about two weeks ago.  (Click on photos to enlarge.)

A couple of Corralitas neighbors witnessed a couple of people filming and taking photographs of what appeared to be a staged accident when the car first showed up.
Photo: Diane Edwardson, July 14, 2015.  One of the neighbors watched as one guy mixed a liquid that looked like oil and poured it in the street.  It's not oil, but dry, solid and slick, as I almost slipped when I tested it with my boot to see if it was dry.  

The same neighbor said they made it look like the car had crashed into the telephone pole, poured the liquid in the street and took photos.  Then they backed the car into its current parked position under the California Black Walnut Tree.  The car has not moved since.  One of the neighbors said they were calling it into Parking Enforcement.

This is the second car with severe front end damage, abandoned on or near the Red Car Property in recent months.  I guess it's not as bad as when they used to set stolen cars on fire.

If you see activity such as described above, take photos with your cell phone. We don't need to become a dumping ground again.

*UPDATE 7-25-15: A neighbor who called Parking Enforcement on the Buick, ran into the officer on the street this week and asked why the car was still here a more than a week since it was called in.  The officer did not have a satisfactory answer.

On a more positive note, last weekend's inch of rain washed away whatever the prop black stuff they poured onto the street to simulate oil in the second photo above.

**UPDATE 8-3-15: Neighbors report the Buick Special was removed by 7-31-15.  Another neighbor reports now seeing it parked on Larga in Atwater.