Monday, May 25, 2015

Corralitas Drive: Mantis Ootheca...Say What?

Photo: Diane Edwardson, May 24, 2015.  A neighbor noticed a scary looking, hard shelled, bug-like thing on my fence yesterday.  (Click on photo to enlarge.)

At 2 1/2" long, I took photos and then let her poke it with a stick.  It popped of the fence, looking like it had been there for quite some time. We lost it in the leaf matter.  I sent the photos to What's That Bug?  Daniel Marlos, the Bugman of Mt. Washington responded. It's an Ootheca, an egg case of a Preying Manits, looking like it had already released hundreds of aphid-eating babies.  

Read more: What's That Bug?

Suddenly the scale of the egg-laying in the Alien movies is not so out of the realm of possibilities.