Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Corralitas Red Car Lion Safari Park*

April Fool's Post 2015
Photo: Shawnda Thomas Faveau, March 18, 2015.  Humans will have a chance to interact with lions for a hefty fee, once they've signed a waiver of liability.

There may yet be hope to save the Red Car Property as a wildlife preserve.  This afternoon, the mayor, along with property owner, in partnership with the zoo, announced a pride of African lions would be relocated to the Corralitas Red Car Property as part of the ongoing privatization of the zoo. 

The mayor said this was just another creative zoning technique and a part of ongoing efforts to preserve the open space in our hillsides west of the river while also revitalizing the river.  He's proposed the Exotic Endangered Species Breeding and Preservation Overlay Zone (EESBPOZ) which would include Griffith & Elysian Parks, the river, all unbuilt hillside parcels and K-zoned parcels (horsekeeping parcels) in Atwater.  

The mayor said, "The proposed EESBPOZ will give residents a chance to see exotic species right in their own backyards.  We expect to obtain a herd of giraffe next to help with tree trimming on those steep slopes on the Red Car Property."  

Why not a jaguar preserve in Elysian Valley; Amur leopards on the northeast slopes of Elysian Park; cayman in the river? The possibilities are limitless.  City Planning already approved the Komodo Dragon Preserve on Corralitas.

Parents at the local preschool are not happy about having to run the gauntlet of maneaters as they park on Corralitas Drive and walk their kids through Red Car Canyon to school.  The mayor responded, "Think of it as a teachable moment.  Not only will the parents and children bond with each other in a potential life and death situation, they'll gain a healthy respect for exotic non-native wildlife, all while working on their fitness." 

*DISCLAIMER: This post should NOT be used as proof of anything more than April Foolishness.  Photo by Shawnda Thomas Faveau was shot on the Corralitas Red Car Property, March 18, 2015.  It is a large Golden Retriever dog with a "lion" haircut.