Saturday, February 28, 2015

Red Car Property: Super Bright Mushrooms

Photo: Diane Edwardson, February 18, 2015. A bunch of bright yellow mushrooms caught my eye at the north end of the Red Car Property.  The yellow was very, very bright & looked slimy.  (Click on photos to enlarge.)
Photo: Diane Edwardson, February 15, 2015.  The mushroom caps start off vibrant yellow when they first sprout, then fade to beige & eventually, shrivel into a leathery brown.  The largest of these mushrooms was about 3" in diameter.  No, I have no idea what they are, other than some form of "gilled mushroom."  

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Disclaimer: The Corralitas Red Car Property Blog prefers to quote reliable sources, such as CalFlora and California Poison Control on the issue of toxicity. MykoWeb is the resource everyone seems to refer to for mushrooms. The Los Angeles Mycological Society has a recommended reading list

If you are eating your way through the Red Car Property, we DO NOT recommend you eat any plant you find in the Red Car Property neighborhood without first doing your own research.