Saturday, August 30, 2014

Riverside Drive: More Protected Native Trees Cut Down Without Permits

Photo: Diane Edwardson, August 29, 2014.  Friday morning, a crew of about a dozen guys with chainsaws were hastily cutting down protected native Southern California Black Walnut Trees on several Riverside Drive lots below the Red Car Property at Clearwater St.  Of course, they chopped down the largest &  healthiest trees first.  

This was the second time in the past two weeks they were cutting down trees on these lots.

While I was on the phone with CD 13 asking them to request an inspector from Dept of Urban Forestry, a mysterious orange truck with a City logo on the side (couldn't read the dept from my vantage point atop the Red Car Property) pulled up & parked in the center turn lane on Riverside Drive.  An inspector, wearing a fluorescent yellow-green vest with a city logo on the back & hardhat, ordered the crew to stop work & started taking photos with his phone. He appeared to order them to clean up what they'd already cut and stop cutting any more trees.  I figured another neighbor must have called it in first.  

As with all things Red Car Property Adjacent, this story gets more strange, and I will tell more later.  It's a holiday weekend.  Get out there and recreate.  And if you see anyone cutting down California Black Walnut Trees or Coast Live Oak Trees in the City - ask to see their permit.  Call the police if they don't have one - yeah - that's who you're supposed to call when it's not during normal business hours. During normal business hours call the Dept of Urban Forestry (800) 996-2489.