Saturday, August 16, 2014

Red Car Property: ALERT 20-lb Chunk Of Rotting Meat On The Path Near Adelbert*

Photo: Red Car Neighbor, August 15, 2014.  If you've got dogs - keep them on a leash - particularly near the Adelbert cut-thru. Someone dumped what appears to be a 20-lb ham a few days ago.  We don't know if it's been laced with poison to try to kill coyotes - but it's disgusting - attracting flies - maggots hatching.  

There's now way it just fell out of a grocery bag.  It's huge, it was perfectly square.  Several path regulars thought it was a huge brick of clay when it first appeared in its plastic bag Thursday.  Even the coyotes haven't finished it off yet.  If this is someone's way of attracting coyotes to the area - it's not ok.  It's illegal to feed wildlife.  And you could harm someone's pet in the process.  

*8-17-14 UPDATE: As of this morning the hunk of meat is gone.  Either the coyotes finished it off or someone disposed of it.