Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Silver Lake Ave Public Staircase: Reported To City, We'll See How Long It Takes For Removal

Photo: Red Car Property Neighbor, April 15, 2014.  A neighbor who diligently paints out graffiti in the neighborhood & on the Red Car Property, was pressed for time yesterday & asked me to report this to the City for removal. 

City contractors never seem to be able to find the Silver Lake Ave Public Staircase between Riverside Place & Lake View Ave, let alone the portion between the Red Car Property & Lake View.  Technically this portion of the public staircase is at the corner of Silver Lake Ave & Silver Lake Court.

It can be confusing to make a request for graffiti removal to the City, as there appear to be 2 different departments dealing with it.  One is the City's Office of Beautification Anti-Graffiti Request System from the Board of Public Works.  That website does NOT allow you to submit a photo - really important in places like this.

The best place to submit is via the City's My311 website, where you can include photos.  Photos are important so the graffiti removal crew can see what color the wall is, & give important clues to its location if there is no address. 

You can also download the My311 app for your phone