Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Corralitas Drive: How Do You Know What Lives In The Neighborhood? What The Cat Kills

Photos: Corralitas Neighbor, February 14, 2014.  Fred The Cat, who likes his reptiles colorful, brought home a live Ring-Necked Snake.  Unfortunately, it was too delicate to play with for long.  The underside of these snakes advertise to most predators that they have a nasty taste.  Fred was not deterred by the stink.
Fred The Cat inspects his trophy, which, according to his owner. was closer to 13'', but the kink caused by the kill wasn't pulled straight for the photo.  However, worth noting is just how narrow this tiny snake is. 

See what a live Ring-Necked Snake looks like.

Learn more about Ring-Necked Snakes: CalHerps

More importantly, learn how to coexist with wild reptiles & amphibians.  Reptiles serve a vital function in our urban hillside food web.  Don't inadvertently put them at risk by the choices you make around your home & garden. 

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