Monday, January 27, 2014

Red Car Canyon: Neighbors Taking Action

Photo: Jonathan Vandiveer, 2014.  Fed up with the slow or no response from the City's 311 service, when it comes to painting over graffiti on the Red Car Property, neighbors on Riverside Place & Lake View have been working together for months to keep it painted out as quickly as possible.

Graffiti vandals have been running amok throughout the area, not just the Red Car Property.  Despite assurances from one of the City's contractors that tagging reported as "on the rear fence of street address, fence is on the Red Car Property" would be painted out for accessible fences, there still seems to be a problem finding the locations. Heck, they can't seem to find the Silver Lake Ave Public Staircase.

Like neighbors in Elysian Valley, Riverside Place & Lake View neighbors have been photographing the tags to send to the LAPD officer who tracks gang tags in Northeast Division, before painting it out in the event it is gang related.  Most of it is not. 

Don't let the graffiti vandals win by creating fear in the neighborhood.  Paint it out immediately.  If you are unable to do so, report it to the City's My 311 service (with photos) either by smartphone app or on the City's websiteIf you call 311, the operator doesn't usually record enough information on location for the contractor to find it. 

LAPD strongly advises people to NOT confront graffiti vandals.  If you see someone tagging & can safely take a picture, do so.  If not, write down a good description of the kid(s) & call the LAPD non-emergency line, 1-877-ASK-LAPD immediately. 

Kudos to the neighbors working together to make the Red Car Property a cleaner place.  At least one neighbor spends a couple of hours painting out graffiti several times a month on the Red Car Property alone.