Friday, November 15, 2013

Silver Lake: Reality Check

Photo: Diane Edwardson, June 24, 2013. Neighbors have been painting over graffiti & picking up trash in Red Car Canyon. 

Neighbors are talking about Thursday's tragic news of the shooting death of our State Assemblymember Mike Gatto's father, Joseph Gatto, in his Silver Lake home.  This is a highly unusual crime.  LAPD is investigating.   

It's times like these when rumors tend to outpace facts about crime in our neighborhood.  Despite graffiti and dumping (by neighbors), the Red Car Property is not a hotbed for crime.  The last batch of stolen cars dumped on the Red Car Property occurred in 2009.   

Don't live in fear.  Don't be a victim.  LAPD has useful tools for staying on top of crime in your neighborhood:

LAPD E-Policing: local crime news & alerts from Northeast LAPD 
LAPD Crime Prevention Tips
Crimemapping: Look up the last few days, week, month or year of crime within, say, a 1 mile radius of the Red Car Property. (Crimemapping is a contractor for the LAPD, they can also be found through the LAPD Crime Mapping & Compstat link.)   There are a number of handy tools to filter data on the Crimemapping site.  You can also sign up for their email alerts and reports.