Monday, January 2, 2012

Corralitas Drive: New Year's Eve, Old, Fat Coyote Sightings

Photo: Corralitas Neighbor #1, January 31, 2011.  A neighbor driving onto Corralitas Drive around 4:30 PM, snapped a quick photo in the low light of an old male coyote taking the Corralitas Public Staircase. 

Video: Corralitas Neighbor: #2,  December 31, 2011.  Another neighbor caught sight of what looks like the same coyote in another neighbor's backyard.  It looks like an old, fat, male coyote. The video shows the coyote rush down hill, toward the Red Car Property, as if it was after prey.  The neighbor thinks the coyote went either over or under the fence as it did not return uphill. 

Around the same time, I had gone to feed another neighbor's cat nearby.  The cat was anxiously waiting near the back door.  He was unusually nervous - now I know why. 

Earlier that morning, while watching the Great Horned Owl on the Red Car Property, still another neighbor walking his dogs said he'd seen a coyote a few minutes earlier on the meadow of the Red Car Property.

Keep your small animals indoors.  Fences are no deterrent to coyotes.  Both neighbors used their iPhones to document the coyote.

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