Friday, October 14, 2011

Elysian Valley: Metrolink Air & Noise Pollution

Between the 5 Freeway and the Metrolink maintenance yard, Elysian Valley lives under a constant assault of noise and air pollution.  In a letter from Conrado Terrazas, Communications Director for Assemblymember Gil Cedillo, writes,  "Twenty-eight Metrolink train engines are serviced for several hours daily at the site. We are told that each engine idles for 30 minutes while being serviced."

Every time I've walked the LA River trail near the Metrolink maintenance yard, I've had to shout just to hold a conversation over the noise of idling trains.  The fumes are overwhelming too. 

If there's any doubt that the air pollution is extreme, take a look at photos shot from Corralitas Drive, looking toward the maintenance yard.

If you still need reasons to question The Powers That Be, check out Elysian and Cypress Park Residents for Clean Air & Quiet Neighborhood's website:  They've got links to studies of long term effects of diesel particulate exposure as well as lots of useful information.

In response to complaints from Elysian Valley, Cypress Park and Glassell Park, Cedillo's office and Elysian Valley Neighborhood Council will host a community meeting with representatives of Metrolink and South Coast Air Quality Management District to hear from the affected communities:

Wednesday, October 19, 2011
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