Monday, September 12, 2011

Rose Scharlin Cooperative Nursery School: School Starts Today

Photo: C. Weir.  Rose Scharlin has been in its current location on Lake View Ave, adjacent to the Red Car Property for more than 30 years.  (Click on photo to enlarge.) 

Rose Scharlin Nursery School  is back in session as of today.  Expect a lot more cars driving and parking on the Red Car Property south of India St.  We advise everyone to slow down when driving the neighborhood as Allesandro Elementary School is also back in session today. 

If you walk your dogs off-leash on the Red Car Property, the parents of Rose Scharlin students ask, for everyone's safety, you put your dogs on leash when passing the school.  And always pick up after your dog, there's a trashcan right by their entrance to the Red Car Property

We've asked Rose Scharlin parents to slow down, for everyone's health and safety, as they drive the Red Car Property.