Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Red Car Property: LAFD Red Tagged "Lot C" For Brush Clearance

Photo: Diane Edwardson, September 4, 2011.  LAFD Brush Inspector Wieser posted Red Tag brush clearance notices, dated Sept. 3, 2011, on "Lot C" of the Red Car Property APN 5438-007-001.  (Click on photo to enlarge.) 

Considering there were close to 60 vehicles parked on "Lot C" on Saturday morning, the instruction to clear the slopes of brush "forthwith" is definitely warranted.  Of course, this isn't the first time LAFD has Red Tagged this lot.

Photo: Diane Edwardson, September 4, 2011.  LAFD also Red Tagged the Red Car Property lot adjacent to "Lot C," APN 5438-007-002.  Perhaps it explains the relocation of the Adelbert All-Weather Lounge.  (Click on photo to enlarge.) 

Unfortunately, LAFD Brush Inspectors have yet to Red Tag 5440-030-033 where the steep slopes lead up to Lake View  Ave from the meadow, as well as the canyon area, are in dire need of tree trimming, clearance and removal.