Monday, October 25, 2010

Red Car Canyon: COYOTE ALERT!

Photo: C. Weir, October 25, 2010. Saturday, a coyote killed a dog in Red Car Canyon where it opens into the meadow. (Click on photo to read the text of the notice.)

This is not a Halloween post, but a reminder of the very real dangers of walking your dog off leash. Our sincere condolences go out to the owners of the toy fox terrier killed in Red Car Canyon on Saturday. Thank you for posting this notice in the canyon on the poop bag tree.

The steep banks and dense brush in the canyon provide excellent cover for a coyote. The lighting conditions in the canyon also give the smart predator an advantage. See our coyote post from July for photos of a coyote in Red Car Canyon.

Please keep your dogs on a leash. If you encounter a coyote, yell, make yourself larger, take an aggressive posture, wave your arms, throw rocks or sticks at it. We need to make coyotes afraid of people. NEVER let your dog chase a coyote.

Keep your trashcans covered, even if empty. If your trash or recycle bins have cracks or are broken , they are attracting rats, raccoons and coyotes. Call 311 and ask to have them replaced. You will need the serial number off of the trashcan.